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My first Friday five.  Hope I don’t screw this up.

* Talked to a guy about a thing today.  If this thing becomes a THING, you’ll be the first to know.

* 12 asked me if I wanted to sit on the deck and listen to music and just talk.  He didn’t want me to buy him anything and no one is in trouble.  We just talked and listened to music.  He’s a good kid.

* Driving to work today I saw a dead fish on the side of the Southeast Expressway. Either I was witnessing evolution at work, or Legal lost some of its cargo.  Regardless I don’t pick up hitchhikers.

* I’ve been getting more attention lately for my photos.  Thank you for all those pretty little hearts and reblogs.  They mean more to me than you’d probably believe.

* Crap.  Sorry.  I’m new to this.

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